Foodie’s Guide to Gjirokastër, Albania

Foodie’s Guide to Gjirokastër, Albania

Albanian Cuisine will have you returning, especially if you enjoy grilled meats. However, it can also be vegetarian friendly too! (I’m gluten-free, dairy-free and never went hungry!) Gjirokastér specifically has a traditional plate named Qifqi, or commonly known as “rice balls”-rice rolled into a ball mixed with herbs and wild mind-to foreigners. Other traditional plates are stuffed eggplants, stuffed peppers, sarma, grilled meats (mainly lamb & pork).


The tomato balls are AMAZEBALLS hehe. Seriously though, I would order this over anything, as all travelers, after trying it, wind up only returning to this restaurant. Below is the reaction you’ll have when trying them too….Although a fairly small place, the atmosphere is quite welcoming and if you manage to get the patio table, consider yourself lucky!

Pro Tip: if you order Raki here, it will be portioned out to 4 shots per person. Accidentally, I ordered raki and left a little tipsy! You’ve been warned!


Ideal spot for lunch if you’re on the way to visit the Cold War Tunnel. With tons of traditional plates, I recommend trying the stuffed eggplants and/or peppers! Mhmm tasty! Also, this restaurant is near Relax Cafe, which is a good place for smoothies and/or eating!


If you’re like my mom and become a huge meat eater (haha), then this place is for you! Kujtimis known for its grilled meat, especially the lamb and pork. And with a splash of fresh lemon juice, ugh, there is nothing better TBH. *Drooling as I think about it* However, there are plenty of vegetarian options available such as their grilled vegetable platter!


Feeling chíc? Like a ladies night out perhaps? KUKA is here! It’s considered the trendy spot of the old town for drinks, dinner, and spending time with friends. Large patio seating, with lights, greenery, and music (the classics). On the weekends, Kuka is usually crowded with locals and quickly turns into the perfect place to socialize.


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