Spontaneous Palm Springs Trip

OMG guys. Few weekends ago, my roommate Alexis & I thought one Friday night, let’s just go somewhere. New to California, it felt so overwhelming.. how do you even choose? The golden gate bridge in San Fran or La Jolla Cove in San Diego? Or anything in between?! A mutual colleague then suggested Palm Springs and these cute boutique hotels to stay the weekend:

1.) La Serena Vilas

2.) Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

3.) ***

As boutique hotels, these are not exactly budget-oriented but hey, everyone needs to treat themselves once in a while! The designs though are so cute and let’s face it, PERFECT for those Instagram photos. So, we stayed at the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs and holy moly, we LOVED IT. The kind of love where you open the door to your room, shout from excitement then run and jump on top of your plush queen bed. I felt like a needed a bottle of champagne to pop haha. It was amazing *counts the days before returning*. Check out more info about staying there here.


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