5 Solo Travel Myths Debunked | Solo Travel

5 Solo Travel Myths Debunked | Solo Travel

People automatically know me. Why? Because I’m a solo traveler. 

The stereotype of a solo traveler to those without a worn out passport is actually the furthest from who I am. Countless times I’ve heard the phrase “you traveled alone…like by yourself? Isn’t it lonely?” To some it’s unimaginable to want, only making people create negative reasons as to why someone could possibly want to solo travel.  Here are some myths I’ve familiarized myself with while on the go…

Not stable

Traveling alone isn’t because I have no friends, nor because there are no constants in my life so I decided to just “pack a bag and go.” On the contrary, I chose the backpacker lifestyle fully knowing that I was leaving a routine where I knew what was going to happen. Solo travelers aren’t emotionally unstable, we’re just adventurous…and wanting to chase that thrill, that travel high. Because it’s addicting. 

Running away

Some assume I have enough baggage and damage to make me run away. When someone puts this assumption on your reason for solo travel, it sucks the most I think. You don’t know my life, my struggles, my little triumphs, and what it’s taken for me to be here. Solo travelers aren’t plagued with cowardliness to run from their life but are pushed to challenge themselves from a deep curiosity to a passion of discovery. 

We don’t know ourselves

I’ll admit, the start of my travels when I was 17 years old helped me find who I am. Call it self-discovery or whatever. However, living in Spain or backpacking Eastern Europe was not due to an identity crisis. A large part of wanting to dive into different cultures comes more from a desire to explore, from myself and those I’ve met. Solo travelers aren’t confused on who they are rather they’re confident in themselves and their capabilities in navigating the world on their own. So no need to worry about us, we’re pretty badass. 

“And you never felt lonely?…really?

–each person I tell about solo travel

Probably the most irritating thing to hear honestly. I’m okay with eating alone or grabbing that cup of espresso by myself. No need to worry about me  or wonder if my social skills are regressing. I find the irony quite strong; I’ve felt the least lonely when solo traveling. Maybe because I’m doing something I love everyday or being surrounded by like-minded people.


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