The Secret to More Energy While Traveling

Some real talk guys. As fun as exploring is, it’s tiring at times and feels like a drag (in those rare moments where no culture will make you wanna leave bed!) But recently, I’ve thrown those feelings to the wind and it’s been great. I’ve been exploring tons lately and I swear, the more I go, the more energy I feel to keep traveling.


Smoothies were the “must have,” “best kept secret” to keep you feeling great especially for the life on the go kinda chick. And I tried them, oh gosh did I try them all. Strawberry, cucumber, spinach, kale, etc. After a couple weeks, I was waiting for this magical “energy boost” and kept thinking, “is this ever gonna happen for me?” SO, I tried something different.

Here’s how :

Heated water. Around a mugs worth in the morning when waking up and at night before bed

It sounds weird but after researching the benefits, drinking hot water is the best thing for the body and for simplicity. Not having to go to the store to buy a bunch of smoothie ingredients is always a plus! #budgettraveler #backpacker

With many benefits, one I think crucial is how heated water affects the digestive tract. And for a traveler similar to me, with a few digestive concerns, cleansing the body of toxins is important. With this lifestyle of varying foods and constant travel, the body is easily thrown outta whack sometimes. So it’s important to prioritize self-care especially with less time-consuming practices like this!

A topic many travelers experience but not too glamorous to chat about, traveler constipation. Eating habits, sleeping schedules, hydration or lack thereof, (always a work in progress!), jet lag, are a few leading causes that can negatively affect digestion. Heated water helps in soothing that, whereas cold water would more so solidify digestive waste, leading to feeling bloated and more lethargic.

Heated water also offers benefits to the central nervous system, ideal for travelers affected by or at risk for low B-12 levels, such as those transitioning into veganism, vegetarianism, or those with separate health concerns. Including better blood circulation, hot water is therapeutic for concerns related to: asthma, fatigue, headaches, and more according to the European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research. 

At some point, each seasoned traveler has ups and downs so it’s best to understand what wellness means for you! And to find those wellness practices to leave you feeling great and energized!


Proper daily water intake is more than these 2 coffee mugs worth. So drink up and stay well-hydrated!

What are your wellness practices while traveling? Comment below so we can all travel better! And remember to follow the adventures.

Chat soon XO

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