7 Places to Eat in Madrid, Spain

7 Places to Eat in Madrid, Spain

From studying abroad in Madrid, Spain I learned something, my daily routine mostly centered around food….But here are some to try (not all my favorites listed)!

Mercado de San Antón.

A multi-level food market. Enough said but I’ll continue #happiness. The lower level is for buying groceries & maybe take a risk in making that well-known paella yourself…good luck (If you attempt it & it’s good, send me the recipe!)  Next, is a world of tapas from everywhere-Spain, Japan, the Canary Islands, and much more! Laced with lights inside, your experience will be one to make you want to stay. Tapas recommendation: La Trastienda. However, if in the mood for an extended time of great chatter, dinner & drinks, then the third floor is where to go! There, you’ll find a rooftop bar and restaurant, of which you’ll fall in love. Recommendation: the sangria, trust me. & the food, I’d order the whole menu if you can eat it all.

San Miguel

Any travel blogger or hopelessly addicted Spain lover will tell you those three little words. Experience San Miguel.  & you’ll forever be a changed person from having done so. Although only one level, this food market is pretty big. There’s anything you’d want from drinks to savory & sweet. Located in the center of Madrid, in La Plaza de San Miguel is one of the most vibrant, busy areas within the city, beside La Plaza Mayor. As the market is glass-encased, you’ll enjoy 360 views of the outside. The ideal spot for people watching! Recommendation: Of course the paella vendor is mind-blowingly tasty, however, I advise trying something new. 

Goiko Grill

The burgers will blow your mind. With more than one location in Madrid, this eatery is the answer to the “burger craving.” Well-made with a menu of topping combos will make you think,  woah, I never thought about that! And #glorious, there is a “create your own” section for those daring enough. Recommendation: Chipotle Burger: Guacamole casero, fresco y rústico, acompañado de salsa Chipotle Goiko. Do you even doubt me?!

Takos Al Pastor

Lunch hour, you’ll be slammed, waiting on line, for these tacos. However, I’d wait a day or 2 for that #pop of flavor. This taco shop is slightly hidden around Plaza Mayor, a place you’ll stumble upon smiling. With 1 eruo takos, this might be the only place where ordering the “full menu” is needed. Recommendation: Takos: Al Pastor and/or Tinga de pollo. & arrive there at an off hour. 


Formerly known as a cinema in Madrid in the Salamanca neighborhood,   I beg you to try and not feel the magic. Of history & the overwhelming feeling knowing how many incredible moments took place here.  A beautifully lit gourmet food market, it’s the ideal place for a #GNO or perhaps a date with that person, the one that sets your soul on fire. Split into different arenas, Platea offers: El foso, the international foods, El Patio, the beloved tapas and bar feel, Canalla Bistro, the culinary world according to Chef Ricard Camarena, El Palco, where to find the signature G&T, El Club, “the best kept secret,” to dance beyond exhaustion, and the Stage, where this past of platea shines with its performances. Recommendation: Mamá Framboise, it’ll make you want dessert for breakfast the following day…which I support.

El Pabellon del Espejo

European Chic. Café con leche & the pan con tomate…or a pastry. & there you have it, you’ll blend in as a local. I’m convinced, the greatest days are those that start off in places similar to this. Recommendation:  You’ll find this place in passing, but try it. It’s a gem that sneaks up on you. 


Imagine night time at the beach. Cool sand beneath your toes. With laughter and music around you. Now, place a drink in one hand & some food in front of you. Because you’re basically at the beach in the middle of an incredible European city with some of the greatest people. Recommendation: Go during the evening. Try the Cemita Poblana. 

Have you ever traveled in Spain? Let me know below! And remember to follow the adventures.

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