Hiking Mount Dajti in Tirana, Albania

Hiking Mount Dajti in Tirana, Albania

After volunteering at hostels back to back, some alone time in nature was needed. The “burt out” feeling started to overwhelm me, so I decided why not go hiking. Now that I’m living in Tirana-August marks my 5th month-I hiked Mount Dajti and it was the best decision. Mount dajti is a mountain and national park, along the Skanderberg, range often visited by travelers with.

Oddly enough, the transportation is fairly easy. The bus that goes to the mountain base is located in the city center, near Skanderberg Square. Go to the main square, than walk towards the clock tower (you’ll be able to spot easily) and there will be tons of public buses along that street. Take the Quender-Porcean bus line, the one colored blue which costs 40 LEK, roughly .33 EUR! Cheap AF right?! The hours for the bus are: 5:30-24:00 and leave every 5/10 minutes. The ride to the mount Dajti takes about 15/20 minutes depending on traffic… because traffic in Tirana can be HEAVY.

The bus drops you off at the base of Mount Dajti, in which case you can either hike up all the way ( about 4-6 hours on average) or just walk up the hill to take the cable car. During the summer, the cable car hours are: 9:00-22:00 with the last car leaving at 21:00 so plan accordingly! A one way ticket is 4 EUROS per person and the views are absolutely gorgeous so definitely worth it. I’d recommend taking the cable car both ways and then if wanting to hike, you can hike to the summit . Hiking it takes about an hour/ hour and a half on average; however, there is no labeled “summit” trail so just choose one of the marked trails and follow it all the way up!

At the top, where the cable car drops off, there are plenty of things to do. There is a restaurant offering traditional Albanian cuisine with outdoor seating (imagine the views!)-Restaurant Ballkoni Dajtit, a Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel which also has a 360 rotating Bar Kafe, great for a coffee or a cocktail. Usually there is some kind of festival going on outside the hotel and restaurant with music playing. There are also different hiking trails as well as an adventure park! And something coming soon that totally excites me…PARAGLIDING.

One of the most popular things to do in Tirana is visiting one of the Bunk Arts. Personally, I would go visit Bunk’ Art 1 at the base of Mount Dajti-it’s liked more by most travelers and can be seen in the same trip to the mountain!

Tip: bring a snack up the mountain! Truthfully, I should have brought more water than peanut butter in my backpack when I hiked but ya know, I’m food obsessed so it makes sense haha.


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