Traveler Essentials in Your Daily Backpack

What’s in this traveler’s bag? Check out the essentials below! Spoiler alert :: snacks are almost always squeezed somewhere inside..


A must, I’m convinced. There are so many situations traveling that are solved with earphones, whether they’re the ones often falling out of your ears (I’ve been there!) or of great quality, it doesn’t matter. Because they’re the go-to solution for many situations. Sleeping next to someone snoring in your hostel? Have a long bus or train ride? Having one of those -don’t-talk-to-me-because-I’m-too-exhausted moments? Trying to avoid talking to someone on the street appearing ‘unstable’ or ‘crazy’? Work onlineat cafes & don’t like the background music? This is my #1 essential when I travel.


So, I work online a little & I’ve hit this problem waaay too many times: At a cafe working and being really productive than suddenly getting a low battery alert on either my cell or laptop (life over when it’s both hehe!) and reach into my backpack just to find no charger. And TBH, usually it’s when I’m at a really cute coffee shop I love. So, the #2 essential is having at least one charger compatible in that country and ideally, surrounding ones. My advice? Always have it, because you don’t want to end up by a market an hour+ from your hostel with 1% on your cell and not understanding the local language. Not to say this has happened to me but *cough, cough*

Water bottle

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Flip Flops

Hostel life is, among a memorable experience, at times not the most sanitary (depending on where you stay too!). And walking around the hostel, especially when using the shower, it’s especially important to have flip flops as a hostel traveler with how many people come and go. Also, they’re easy to fit in the backpack’s side compartment–so when you’re hiking and find a cute hidden beach, you can easily change!

And remember to follow the adventures.

Chat soon XO

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