Cliff Jumping in Kiri, Albania

My first time, you bet I screamed a little….

Clearly, forgetting my bathing suit didn’t stop me! And thank god, becuase this was fucking awesome. Jumping off the cliff felt like whatever stress I had in that moment just left.

Backstory: Earlier that day, the hostel owner (Green Garden Hostel) took my travel friend and I on a tour of Shkoder, explaing the cultural & historical impact on the living conditions in Albania, over a few espressos of course! Twas a nice & a HOT day but we thought the swimming was in the not-so-clean lake. So, I was prepared to just keep on baking under the sun instead..

Then after a long drive, we arrived in Kiri. 

Closer to the mountains, Kiri was nice, with A LOT less people there. It was interesting though, because my 2 girlfriends and I were the only females there by the water, swimming, diving, & hanging out with some raki. Definitely an experience that is more male-oriented. 

As a woman, jumping off the cliff felt like a stage. With shared googly eyes & whispers among the watching men. 

At first, being so outnumbered to men was a little unnerving. If I were to go there myself, I think I’d feel less comfortable, especially when some of the looks were iffy. Maybe because we were specifically American women or  that normally women in general don’t go there. Not sure, but something to take note of if wanting to go.

But, I didn’t let that stop me, there are people that’ll stare everywhere, so now I embrace it. I just say fuck it, if you wanna watch me live an awesome life, then go ahead! OR better yet, why not join me? 

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