Why I Practice Wellness Travel

I’m convinced there’s 2 kinds of travelers. When on a hostel balcony, one has a yoga met at sunrise, the other with wine at night. Truthfully, I’m one to lean towards the latter. Until someone uttered wellness travel

With constant traveling, self-care can change everything, from the kinds of experiences to how much you’ll end up visiting. Often, I had pushed self-care practices aside with an “I’ll start tomorrow” excuse. But towards the end of my backpacking adventures, I felt myself falling behind, wishing I had experienced more.

I always had this motto of just keep going. Until I found a friend to challenge that. So, here’s my story into the concept of “wellness travel”. Perhaps an introduction to a better way of seeing the world.

At first, I felt oddly confused by “wellness travel” as it seems so simple but what does it even mean? Had I missed learning about that? Admittedly, this became a topic I felt most confident in remaining less chatty.

Then, I met a friend who posed an alternative idea. Wellness travel is not necessarily a written definition as far as it is a personal answer to: what is your body telling you. When waiting for a response, I blurted “OH GOSH.” Because I had no idea what that meant for me. I mean, I wasn’t even sure how to “listen to my body.” I had done more than just put wellness on the back burner. I threw it in the wind and just kept going.

That thinking spun me into a hole of not wanting to socialize or bother making new friends as I always felt so exhausted. Feeling burnt out left me questioning If I even wanted to keep traveling. Spending days at coffee shops not adventuring much felt like missed opportunities. And well, in any regard, those are never fun feelings.

SO. I started following some wellness ideas to lessen the bags under the eyes. And reignite my excitement for traveling.

When I did, I began conquering my travels again. And trading in my coffee for my camera.

It was a journey navigating wellness as a traveler. Focusing on what others consider wellness for what his or her body needs to trying out their practices. Morning runs, yoga, hiking, naps, vegetarian eating, skincare routines, and more.

Easy to admit, it didn’t take long to know that running wasn’t for me. Nor were naps, as I’d just lay thinking of which coffee drink I wanted. When I started hiking more and eating much healthier, I felt a dramatic change in energy and positivity. So I continued on…

It was yoga time. And using my phone screen to follow yoga videos wasn’t exactly easy. However, I started feeling grounded and less anxious, even through all the falls from learning new poses. There’s a lot of uncertainty while backpacking, not to mention carving out time from adventuring to focus on meditation. At first, it seemed sort of ridiculous. Like I had chosen to travel but then not experience as much as I could.

And then with eating healthier, not always the easiest option especially as a budget traveler as it took a conscious effort. Going from grab n’ go foods to vegetables and other nutritional foods makes all the difference. Let me tell you, that 2 day itinerary can now easily happen in a day!

So, here’s an introduction to my journey into wellness travel. And how to maintain energy while on the go. Because, to be honest guys, this isn’t the easier option. Caffeine is.

But it’s a start.

When traveling, what does wellness look like to you? How do you practice self-care? Share your story below! And remember to follow the adventures.

Chat soon XO

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